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CIGARRÁN ABOGADOS manages the Human Resources area of its clients, managing their relations with the bodies responsible for employment and social security, as well as in relation to withholdings and payments on account of Personal Income Tax (IRPF) and Non-Resident Tax (IRNR).

The CIGARRÁN team deals directly with the company, from whom it receives instructions, and cannot deal with direct requests from the employees themselves.

As for the employees, we limit ourselves to send the receipt of wages, payroll.

The PERSON RESPONSIBLE FOR THE PROCESSING continues being the company, for that reason, although we have sent you the payroll or salary receipt, you should contact your own company to exercise the rights that the law confers on the protection of personal data.



There may be some incidence, we try to avoid it but we can be wrong. If you think there is an incident with your pay slip, you should contact your own company, your line manager, who will inform you of the procedure to follow.

The CIGARRÁN team cannot deal with your requests, not even to process them. You must contact your direct superior, the person responsible for your team and follow the internal procedure.

Thank you for your attention

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