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Next March 31 is the deadline for filing the Form 720 corresponding to the fiscal year 2022, the informative declaration to the tax authorities on assets and rights located abroad.

If you are a tax resident in Spain you are obliged to declare if you are the holder of:
* Accounts in financial entities located abroad, with balance over 50.000.- euros.
* Securities, rights, insurances or incomes deposited, managed or obtained abroad, with a value higher than 50.000.- euros.
* Real estate located abroad or rights over such real estate, with a value of more than 50.000.- euros.

You will have to update the declaration if you have already filed a Form 720 and there has been an increase of 20,000 euros in any of the categories detailed above or any of them has been extinguished.

If you have applied for the Beckham regime you are exempt from filing this declaration.

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