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Emi Santos Cobos.  

Our experience with Holded

We have always helped our clients in their professional challenges.

For some time now we have been accompanying our clients in their process of technification, we have to adapt to the new times and it is no longer enough to know which is the accounting account or which is the applicable VAT rate.

Now we have to help our clients to implement and use a tool that allows them to face the new challenges and allows them to communicate effectively with our firm. Something that will help us to continue to be useful to all our clients.

The topic today is how to connect Stripe with Holded, how to easily, quickly and accurately account for tens if not hundreds of payrolls in the accounting software and how to allocate costs in tax accounting and also in analytical accounting.

Holded: digital transformation

We have specialized in driving the digital transformation of small and medium-sized companies, witnessing the revolution that the right tools can unleash in the business ecosystem.

Our experience with Holded, in particular, stands out as a pillar in this journey towards innovation and efficiency. After recommending and installing Holded for virtually all of our clients, we have seen unmatched satisfaction and palpable peace of mind in the face of the challenges ahead, especially the transition to e-invoicing.

A pathway to the future

Holded is not simply an ERP; it is a comprehensive platform that we have identified as the optimal solution for managing back-office operations, invoicing, supplier relations, and treasury, all under the umbrella of collaborative accounting. Our experience tells us that choosing Holded is choosing a business partner capable of adapting and scaling according to the needs of each company.

Ready for Electronic Invoicing

The implementation of electronic invoicing in July 2025 represents a challenge for many companies. However, our customers, equipped with Holded, are already several steps ahead. Holded facilitates a smooth adaptation to e-invoicing, ensuring that companies not only comply with legal requirements, but also optimize their invoicing processes. It is reassuring to know that, with Holded, this important change will be just a small adjustment in their daily operations.

Radical Simplification of Administrative Management

Through our experience, we have observed how the simplification of administrative management materializes in time and resources saved. Holded allows to automate and customize processes, freeing companies from repetitive tasks and allowing them to focus on their growth. This transformation is not only efficient but also strategic, putting our client companies at a competitive advantage.

A New Dimension of Collaborative Accounting

Collaborative accounting, a revolutionary concept that Holded has mastered, has allowed our clients and their advisors to work synchronously, regardless of their physical location. This way of working not only improves the accuracy and availability of accounting information but also facilitates more informed and timely decision making.

The choice of Holded, backed by our experience and industry knowledge, has paid off with every implementation. Our clients highlight not only the peace of mind of feeling prepared for future regulatory changes such as electronic invoicing, but also the efficiency and clarity that Holded has brought to their day-to-day operations.

A safe bet

Our journey with Holded has convinced us of its invaluable value as a technology partner for any business looking to thrive in the digital age. By recommending Holded, we are not just suggesting software, we are sharing the key to smarter, future-proof and future-proof business management, secure in the face of regulatory change.

At our consultancy, we remain committed to excellence and innovation, and Holded is certainly a centerpiece of this commitment.

Let’s prepare together for July 2025 and beyond, with Holded as our strategic partner.

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