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Miriam Sánchez González. 

I want to recover VAT on unpaid invoices

You have paid VAT on invoices that you have not been paid.
And you have not been able to recover it because in Spain there are very strict requirements, very restrictive deadlines and a complex and expensive procedure that forces you to make a formal claim.
All is not lost, now we tell you why.

You may be able to recover the VAT even if the deadline has passed.

Yes, within four years, almost five depending on the case.
The Supreme Court may overturn the very strict requirements and deadlines applicable in Spain and will allow the VAT to be recovered even if the very short deadline (six months or one year) has passed, even if the formality (notification by burofax) has not been complied with. 

All right, what do you have to do for that?

Claim the VAT refund even if the deadline has passed and even if it has not been notified by burofax, because the client is not known whereabouts or because it is more expensive the collar than the dog and sending burofaxes is more expensive than the VAT that would be recovered (in invoices of small amount it is understood).
It is necessary to claim and appeal in administrative proceedings (which has no costs), to keep alive the right to claim, for when the Supreme Court annuls the restrictions of the Spanish law and allows to recover the VAT in a simpler way.

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