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Campaign in Madrid by the Labor Inspection for Risk Prevention.

Inspection announces inspection campaign

The Labor Inspectorate in Madrid has announced an inspection campaign focused on verifying compliance with the Occupational Risk Prevention Law by companies in Madrid.

The inspection is targeting companies on the occasion of the opening of work centers in the Community of Madrid, in an effort to promote greater awareness of the importance of a comprehensive application of occupational risk prevention.

This initiative is divided into two fundamental phases: a first stage of informative visit and advice, followed by a second phase of control and verification. This dual approach seeks not only to ensure that companies comply with their legal obligations, but also to provide them with the tools and knowledge necessary to implement effective preventive measures.

Let’s take a closer look at what this campaign entails and how your company can prepare for it.


Commitment to an Integrated Preventive Organization

The law clearly establishes the need to have a real and integrated preventive organization within the structure of the company. This means that risk prevention should not be seen as a secondary obligation, but as an integral part of the company’s daily operations, reflected in every decision and process.


Risk Assessment and Preventive Planning

An initial risk assessment, followed by periodic updates, is the pillar on which to build an effective prevention strategy. Based on this assessment, it is crucial to develop and implement a plan that includes clear and feasible preventive actions and measures, adapted to the needs and specificities of each workstation.


Information and Continuing Education

The law also emphasizes the importance of providing prior and continuous preventive information at the workplace, as well as ensuring effective preventive training. This approach not only helps to avoid safety and health risks, but also empowers employees to become active participants in the company’s prevention culture.


Health Surveillance and Active Participation

Another essential component is to establish periodic health surveillance of workers, in accordance with the risks inherent in their work. Likewise, promoting participation and consultation with prevention delegates helps to create a safer and healthier work environment, where all members of the company feel involved in the preventive process.


An Advisory and Control Campaign

The announced campaign aims first to advise companies on how to effectively comply with these obligations. The initial information visit and expert technical advice offered by the IRSST will provide an excellent opportunity to review and improve current safety and health practices.

In its second phase, monitoring compliance with company obligations becomes a critical step in ensuring that all companies in the Community of Madrid not only understand their responsibilities, but also carry them out effectively. This joint effort reflects the authorities’ commitment to protecting workers and promoting a safe and healthy work environment.


What to do about it?

It is important to periodically verify the degree of compliance with the regulations and to incorporate such processes into the company’s business routines, thus being prepared for events such as the one announced.

In fact, the Inspectorate is anticipating the points on which this control will be carried out, which gives us a very interesting guide to ensure that the visit of the Inspectorate is settled without major consequences that, in other circumstances, could constitute the consequent denunciation and fines of an economic nature.

This is the moment to review our degree of compliance and prepare ourselves for the eventual inspection action.

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