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Miriam Sánchez González. 

Tic-Tac starts the countdown for the 2023 Income Tax Return.

Find out all the key dates of the campaign.

The 2023 Income Tax campaign starts next April 3, with the filing of returns online, and will run until June 1, 2024, one day longer than usual, since June 30 falls on a Sunday this year.


How can I access the fiscal data?

Taxpayers’ tax data are now available on the AEAT website. In order to access them you will need to obtain a new reference number that will allow you to manage all the services for the 2023 Income Tax Campaign. The reference number is the box 505 of the Renta 2022 tax return.

In addition to accessing all the procedures with the reference number, you will also be able to access with a certificate or electronic ID or with Cl@ve Pin. It is important that you check all the amounts included in your tax data and obtain the withholding certificates accrediting each item to be declared.

The payment of the tax is due on a yearly basis. That is to say, we will take as a reference the income obtained by taxpayers throughout 2023, whether it is income from work (salary) or income from capital (dividends, interest or real estate rentals) or from economic activities, among others. As usual, the Tax Agency takes into account aspects such as the volume of income, the family and personal situation of the taxpayer or the number of payers.


When will the draft tax return be available and will I be able to file my income tax return electronically?

On April 3, the Tax Agency will make available to all taxpayers the draft of their tax return. From that date on, you will be able to access the draft of your tax return through the Renta Web portal and you will even be able to file your tax returns online.


What if I need to file my tax return with the Tax Agency?

In order for the Tax Agency to prepare the tax return in person at its offices, an appointment must be made between May 29 and June 28. The appointment can be made directly online or by telephone.

Once an appointment has been made, from June 3 to July 1, the Tax Agency will prepare the 2023 Income Tax Return in person at its offices for those taxpayers who have booked an appointment. To do so, you must have all the withholding certificates and all the information supporting the income to be included. For example, in the case of the sale of a property, you must provide the Tax Administration with the deed of purchase, the supporting documents of expenses associated with the purchase, as well as the deed of sale and the expenses and taxes that were paid in the transfer in order to be able to include the profit or loss that existed in the transfer. It is important not to forget any paper, otherwise the declaration will not be prepared.

If, on the other hand, you wish to file the tax return by telephone, you must also request an appointment on the dates mentioned above and, as from May 7, it will be possible to file by telephone, always by appointment.


When is the deadline for submission?

The deadline for filing the tax return is July 1, 2024. However, for those tax returns for which the result has been to pay and in which the direct debit of the payment has been chosen, the deadline will end on June 26th.

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