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Emi Santos Cobos. 

Automate your accounting processes

Payroll accounting and social security is a monthly task that requires attention and can become complex the larger the workforce and the greater our interest in distributing labor costs to different cost centers.

The more developed our business plan is, our business model, the more complex it will be, as there will be certain employees whose labor and social security costs must be segregated for certain purposes, for example to analyze the profitability of the different areas of the company, or of the different services.

We try to find solutions that facilitate and speed up these tasks. We should not give up our information needs because of the difficulty that certain tasks represent due to the volume of information.

We have perfected a system that integrates the precision of SAGE, a leader in payroll and social security management, with the versatility and power of Holded, the ERP of choice for integrated business management. This synergy between SAGE and Holded represents a significant advance in the automation of payroll and social security cost accounting, providing companies with unprecedented efficiency and accounting clarity.

Efficient and Accurate Automation

Our experience as Holded experts, combined with our deep expertise in SAGE, has allowed us to develop a workflow that maximizes efficiency in payroll and social security management. SAGE, renowned for its reliability and accuracy in payroll calculation and management, allows us to generate detailed accounting reports of salary and social security costs. These reports are then used to automatically feed into the accounting system in Holded, ensuring that every aspect of labor costing is properly recorded and classified.

Integrated Fiscal and Analytical Accounting

Automatic accounting in Holded not only meets the requirements of tax accounting but also extends to analytical accounting. Thanks to the ability to discriminate costs by cost centers, companies can obtain a detailed and analytical view of how salary and social security costs impact the different areas and projects of the company. This information is crucial for strategic decision making and effective financial management.

Benefits of SAGE integration with Holded

Accounting accuracy: By automating the transfer of data from SAGE to Holded, we minimize the risk of human error, ensuring greater accuracy in the accounting record.

Time savings: Automating the posting process frees accounting and HR teams from repetitive manual tasks, allowing them to focus on higher value activities.

Advanced analytical insight: The ability to analyze salary costs by cost center transforms accounting from a mere record of data into a strategic tool for resource optimization.

Experience and Expertise: Keys to Success

The successful implementation of this integration between SAGE and Holded would not be possible without deep knowledge and experience in both platforms. As experts in Holded and with a solid foundation in payroll management through SAGE, we offer companies not only a technological solution but also the support and advice needed to maximize their potential.

Conclusion: Leading Innovation in Accounting and Payroll Management

In conclusion, the combination of SAGE and Holded under our expert guidance represents the future of accounting and payroll management. We are proud to lead this path to innovation, offering companies solutions that not only meet their needs today but also prepare them for the challenges of tomorrow. With this integration, we ensure that our clients are always one step ahead, enjoying efficiency, accuracy and deep analytical insight to guide their business decisions.

Our team of experts can guide you through the digitization process, ensuring that your company not only complies with new regulations but also benefits from the efficiencies and opportunities that these technologies offer.

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